Dear ones,
After a long time it's time to give you an update. It's not that we haven't done anything in the last few weeks, but rather that we've been busy with what Patrick, Chris and Robin have experienced on their tour. We would like to share a few impressions with you. And believe me, they are the harmless pictures ...

But from the beginning:
A few weeks ago, Patrick asked me if we from Ben helps ...! would support their venture. The plan was to go to the villages where "normal" aid no longer reaches. There they wanted to feed people and their animals. In addition, they wanted to set up and feel "automatic feeders" (long tubes filled with food). After a long drive, they arrived just before Bachmut - 2 km from the front (on videos you can hear the constant explosion of rockets / shells ...).

The 3 were on the road with three fully packed cars / vans and an additional trailer. Ben hilft ...! contributed 4.5 tons of food, a lot of medicine and other relief supplies. When the cars emptied on site, the boys bought more food and brought it to the front. Here, too, we made a noticeable financial contribution!

After a few days on site, they headed back home. In their luggage they had injured animals as well as animals from the shelter in Kharkiv that had already been placed before their departure.
A story that takes me away myself: A man pressed his dog into your arms and asked you to take him to safety. He could not take him with him if he had to flee. A heartbreaking decision for the good of the animal.
The three also collected a shot dog, which was picked up by the soldiers and treated with tape. He was brought to the clinic in Kharkiv. As soon as he is fit to leave, he will be allowed to travel to Germany. The boys will be on the road again in September.

These and many more stories were told to me - and surely they were only the easier ones to digest. But it is these moments that drive us to continue. We help people and animals on the ground because it is simply important! We must not leave people alone. Of course we can't help everyone, but we can give hope, show people that we haven't forgotten them. Their gratitude is our motivation!

But we can only help if you support us. Together we can make the world a little bit better. Help us to help, because: Only helping helps!

Account holder: Ben hilft ... e.V.
IBAN: DE49 7015 0000 1007 1487 35
Bank: Stadtsparkasse Munich


Of course, if you make a financial donation, you will receive a corresponding donation receipt from us. This way you not only help the people and animals on site, but also your tax receipt at the end of the year!

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