Dear ones,

Patrick and the crew have been on site for a good week. They are diligently distributing aid packages and drinking water. Since the need at the front is very high, they also buy what can be bought on site every day - primarily water! The boys take this with them to the front line on every tour.

There are many reasons why people do not evacuate. Most of them now live in the basements of bombed-out buildings. What they lack is electricity, water and food. And what little they have, they share with the animals that care for them.

The offer to castrate the animals is gratefully accepted. Patrick and the others pick up the animals at the front, drive them to the mobile practice and bring them back after the successful follow-up check. Thus, in the last few days, well over 100 animals have already been expertly cared for by two veterinarians who travelled with them.

All this is quite expensive and the boys and girls can only support themselves through donations. We from Ben hilft ...! e.V. help where we can, but our means are also limited.

We need you to help where help is so urgently needed. Because: Only helping helps!

Of course you can also donate specifically for Patrick's project. Just put "Patrick Ukraine" in the reason for payment and you can be sure that 100% of the money will arrive there! For a donation receipt, simply add your address and we will take care of everything at the end of the year - we promise!

Account holder: Ben hilft ... e.V.
IBAN: DE49 7015 0000 1007 1487 35
Bank: Stadtsparkasse Munich


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