Dear ones,

In 15 days' time, the first of us will already be on Christmas holiday, preparing for the festive season and getting some rest. No doubt the "last" Christmas presents will also be bought and wrapped. The end of the year can be heralded.

We have all certainly earned all of this, but unfortunately not everyone is so lucky. There is still a war in Ukraine, people are still waiting in basements, "living" in destroyed buildings.

Patrick has already been to Ukraine several times to help at the front (we have reported...). This year, he can't reconcile celebrating a cosy Christmas at home while people who have since become friends are suffering elsewhere.

Patrick will be travelling to the Donbass region in 15 days' time to give some hope over Christmas and New Year. We at Ben hilft ...!!! e.V. are of course actively supporting Patrick again. But for this we need your support. Help us to help, because: only help helps!

Have you got another penny for us?
For example, we can get EUR 50 in Ukraine:

  • more than 50kg pasta
  • about 50 tins
  • 200kg potatoes
  • 100kg wheat flour
  • 25 packs of infant formula


  • 50 € provide about 4 dogs with food for 1 month
  • It also costs €50 to neuter 1 animal
  • Stay up to date:
  • Instagram: @patrick.ottilinger
  • Instagram: @ben_hilft
  • Web:

And please support us:
Bank transfer: DE49 7015 0000 1007 1487 35 / SSKM / Ben hilft ...! e.V.

Of course you will receive a donation receipt from us, please include your address or write us an e-mail:

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Thank you very much for your support!

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