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It has been quiet on this channel for a while, but that does not mean that we have been resting. In fact, in the last few weeks there have always been smaller areas of help in which we have been involved. Sometimes we picked up food here and dropped it off there, helped to fill the lorries during a transport...

AND ... of course the preparations for the next big and important tour. The boys and this time also the girls around Patrick have set off again for Ukraine. This time for 14 days with several vans. The aim is not only to care for the people and animals at the front, but also to provide medical care and castrate street animals. This is the only way to prevent a wild population and a critical situation for the animals on the ground.

In addition to medical supplies, they also have a lot of food and 200 aid packages with essential items in their luggage. Thus, 200 households can be supplied with flour and salt, for example, as well as a torch. The packages were pre-packed in Germany and taken along accordingly. As soon as they are all used up, they will try to pack new ones in Ukraine and bring them to the remaining people on the front line.

In the pictures below you can see the temporary practice. Initially, an old postal transporter was planned here that had already been dismantled. Unfortunately, however, it gave up the ghost the day before departure. So we had to improvise and a local mayor made an empty shop available.

Giving up is not! We all pack up and help where help is urgently needed. Because: Only helping helps!

If you like, support us in our projects:

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