Dear ones, as you know, it is also a matter of the heart for me to give animals a good home. That has always been our approach, which is why all our animals at home are also from animal welfare. In the meantime, we have had half a zoo at home. And because it is so important to me that great animals get a second chance, I have Zeus for you today.

First of all, a few facts about Zeus:
- Breed: Mongrel
- Size: approx 55 cm
- Age: approx. 14 months (as of June '22)
- Compatible: with dog, cat, child ...

Zeus is looking for a forever home with loving people, preferably with children and / or other animals. We had Zeus at home for 3 days and he got along with our cats as well as with Finn. As a young dog, Zeus still has a lot of nonsense in his head and needs someone who gives him guidance and shows him boundaries. However, Zeus is very willing to learn and can be bribed with food, as is typical for Labradors :D.

Zeus practises "foot
Zeus likes to fetch
Mirror, mirror on the wall - who is the most beautiful in all the land?
Zeus also gets busy on his own

The videos will give you a good impression of Zeus' current state and how ready he is to learn. Of course, there are a few areas that need to be worked on, but I will be happy to explain these and give you some tips in a personal conversation. Let me say in advance: It's nothing that can't be corrected ;).

If you are now, like us, in love with shock, then get in touch with me. Zeus stands via I have a direct line to Sevil and can answer many of your questions about Zeus first hand.

If you are looking for a faithful companion who is absolutely people-oriented and not afraid of a training session or two, please get in touch! Zeus is a golden treasure and a jackpot - I promise!

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Iris · 28. September 2023 at 20:55

Hi Ben, the animal angel page is under maintenance. Do you know if Zeus has found a home in the meantime or could he stay where he was taken in? Thank you Iris

    Benedikt Wörner

    Benedikt Wörner · 28. September 2023 at 21:30

    Hello Iris,
    Yes, Zeus has found a suitable home and is very happy there. I still have contact with the new family from time to time and get feedback. Kind regards Ben

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