Dear ones,

The time has come again. In the last few weeks, we have received a lot of donations in kind and have distributed them to different warehouses almost all over Bavaria (unfortunately, we are still missing a central, large warehouse as a transshipment point - do you have something? Please get in touch).

First, we received a huge amount of donations in kind from the Starnberg animal shelter (including food, blankets, towels, clothes, ...). Then there were also relief goods provided by various private donors.

Since the cellar is limited, everything was stored in a garage and then sorted and labelled.

After so many donations, it was important to send relief goods again. As you know, it is a matter of the heart for us that the donations arrive where they are really needed. And this is the case in various places in Ukraine. Therefore, this time we have spread the distribution more widely. On the one hand, relief goods have made their way to Kiev via microbus (first to Lviv, from there on to Kiev with Nova Poshta). This way we can send parcels to defined addresses in a targeted way. A big thank you to Tatjana for organising and paying the shipping costs 😘.

We also sent a trailer full of donations with SOS Ukraine e.V.. These goods go to a temporary storage facility in Lviv and are distributed there in a structured way with local people to the 'hot zones'.

The delivery of the relief supplies was so late that we actually forgot to take the pictures. However, the trailer was identical to the one above 😂 - SORRY! I vow to do better! But I can tell you - it was full to the top!

The rest of the donations will be sent to Kiev with Nina at the end of the month. You remember, she picked up a large part of our cat food before Christmas and stored it at her place. She will be leaving soon to deliver again.

The donations are still on the way. However, I will update the post as soon as the parcels reach the recipients and we receive pictures from the field.

Finally, I can only thank you all again for your donations and encouragement! We could not do this without you.

If you want to continue to support us, please contact us (donations in kind) or help us with one or two coins:

Stadtsparkasse Munich
Name: Ben hilft ...! e.V.
IBAN: DE49 7015 0000 1007 1487 35

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