Dear all, as you have probably noticed in the last few weeks, I am a member of Civil Relief Munich ( active. Besides some trips as convoy lead, I support in driver/convoy planning and in the vehicle fleet. The tasks here are very different and varied. If you would also like to be part of a fantastic team for once, please feel free to contact me! We are looking for:

- Driver:inside
- Planners:inside
- Fleet support
- Donations administration
- and much more!

If you need a few more impressions to help you form an opinion, here are my experiences of the last few days, I was on the road again:

Trip 64 - from Munich to Przemysl

Situation 1:
We have experienced an amazing trip together as a team. For me, this was one of the most emotional ... Starting with the fact that the three passengers in my vehicle have been staying with my wife and me for the last 6 weeks. Alex and I had already accompanied them together from Warsaw to Munich and decided on the way that they would stay with us. Saying goodbye after 6 weeks was upsetting. But we formed an intimate friendship and will definitely see each other again! I am convinced of that!
Best news of today, I already got the information and a little video from you: You have arrived home 🥰.

Situation 2:
We had our cars full of animal food, met the helpers directly and experienced a lot of gratitude. The conversations with the helpers also touched me mentally, as I have a special bond with the animals 😻. Stories reached us about how the government sometimes tries to make it difficult for animals to leave the country.

Situation 3:
And last but not least, there was our passenger. We took this one to a really great family. This also hit me, as it does every time. Especially because the dear gentleman has experienced a lot of sh*** in the last few weeks and yet there are people who also give a man travelling alone a chance! 🤧

We experienced all these moments and many more as a team! For me, yesterday's trip went fantastically well! We got through decently on the outward journey and the return journey also went well.

If you are touched by these situations, then you are probably asking yourself: Why Civil Relief?
Because we go the extra mile there and put people at the centre. You have questions? Come up to me and talk to me.

If you don't manage to help yourself, or feel that you have already done something, then help us with your network, share this post, talk to friends, acquaintances, colleagues!

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