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Dear ones,
Last Saturday I went to Fressnapf and placed my first order. It is the food in trays (see photo). According to feedback from the helpers at the front, these bowls are perfect for use on site. I decided on the 300g trays, which cost 0.59 EUR per tray. Thanks to your support, I have ordered 1260 trays. They will be collected from Fressnapf on 18.06.2022.

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Of course, I'll continue to take you along with me here. Next weekend, I promise, I'll write a new post about it. I'm curious to see how many "goods" there actually are in the end. The order is for 140 packaging units with 9 trays each. I don't have a feeling how much "mass" it really is in the end. The plan is, however, that I will bring the order to Bob first, so he can store it before it leaves for the border on 20.06.22 in the evening.

Impressive figures in brief:
max. budget: 700,- EUR
Order: 1260 trays at 300g each
Feed quantity: 1260 * 300g = 378kg feed (+ packaging)
Costs: 1260 * 0,59 EUR = 743,40 EUR
Discount: 743,40 - 10% Discount = 669,06 EUR

As you can see from the numbers, I currently have a 10% discount code for Fressnapf, which I can use to order until Saturday. So you have the chance to continue your support and help me get an even larger amount of food. If you are in a hurry and we are running out of transport capacity, we will be happy to get a second vehicle to take everything to where it is really needed.

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